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INFINYX is a open-loop loyalty points application in  which customers can accrue and redeem their FYX points for goods/services at INFINYX partner merchants at any time.


On INFINYX, not only does 1 FYX point holds a value of 1 THB. The more FYX points you store in the application, the more bonus FYX points you stand to receive. You will then be able to purchase discount vouchers at selected merchants,giving you the best bang for buck loyalty points program in the market.


Key Features:

- Spend Mode: Receive and use your FYX points at our merchant partners:
Every time, you buy goods/services at our merchant partners, you can use your FYX points to redeem them or collect points when you make a purchase on specific goods/service which participated in.

- Convert Mode: You may convert your underutilized loyalty points from other issuers into INFINYX as FYX points. You may then use FYX to purchase goods and services from INFINYX approved merchants as well as purchase discount vouchers.

- Transfer Mode: transfer your FYX points to anyone:
You can transfer your FYX points to anyone swiftly with just a simple touch,   Allowing them to purchase their favourite goods and services on the INFINYX application.

- Vouchers Redemption Mode:
With our partnered merchants, INFINYX has  curated a selection of e-vouchers that you can redeem with your FYX points via INFINYX application.

-  Participating Merchants

We have partnered with various leading stores to be part of our INFINYX merchants family:

Whenever you see “INFINYX” at any stores, it means that such stores are our INFINYX partners, and you can use the INFINYX application to redeem goods/services simply by speaking to their staff members.

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