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What is INFINYX?

INFINYX is an application that offers you the unique opportunity to earn rewards on your loyalty points. This means that you may transfer your credit card loyalty points (from various issuers) into FYX points via the INFINYX application where we will award you more bonus FYX points simply by storing them in the app. You may then use your FYX points to redeem products and services from INFINYX partnered merchants and in turn stand to receive more FYX points back when you shop with INFINYX partnered merchants.

In addition, FYX Point can also be transferred to friends, family, as well as charitable donations from various foundations affiliated with INFINYX.


We have 2 mobile application as below:

INFINYX application: for customer, the more you spend, the more you earn xCash back

INFINYX Shop application: for merchant partners


What is the value of xCash?

1 FYX Point equal to 1 THB


What is the privilege of INFINYX?

When spending at INFINYX participating merchants, you will receive more loyalty points in the form of FYX Points and in turn you can use FYX Points to redeem goods or services from INFINYX’s partnered merchants.


How do I download INFINYX?

The INFINYX application support both iOS and Android. You could download as below

- Android via Play store (support Android version 7.1 up)

- iOS via App store (support iOS version 9.0 up)


What services are in INFINYX application?

INFINYX offer variety services as below

FYX Point: Scan and shop to get more FYX points back into your account. You may also store your FYX points in order to receive a further 3% APY bonus points them. (you must store a minimum of 20,000 FYX points to be eligible for this perk.) 

Transfer: Transfer your FYX point to whoever you want (friends and family) within the app.

Convert: Convert your points from any credit cards or any point issuers to INFINYX

Donate: Donate your FYX point as money to many donation institute partners


Where can I use INFINYX to get privileges and extra benefits?

You can use INFINYX with our merchant partners within the INFINYX application.


Can I change my registered mobile phone number?

You can change the registered mobile phone number with INFINYX application
Go to menu > Me > Account setting > mobile phone > enter new mobile phone no. > Get OTP > Verify OTP > Done


Can I change the PIN?

You can change the PIN with INFINYX application
Go to menu > Security setting > change PIN > Enter existing PIN > Enter new PIN


How should I do if I forgot PIN?

Pls contact customer support at to request a new PIN


How secure is the INFINYX application?

INFINYX application has 2 levels of security whenever you use

Level1: Request OTP (One time password) anytime to log on application

Level2: Request PIN anytime to do transactions related with INFINYX


Can I cancel INFINYX account?

Yes, you could contact customer support at


What do I do if I have a an issue with my transaction on the INFINYX application?

You can inspect your transactional history by going to the "INFINYX Statements" menu to see transaction details by click on FYX amount on the top right-hand side of the screen. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact customer support at

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